Postpartum Doula Support
Beth Rees, CD, CLEC

Each mother/parent and family possess a unique power and beauty as they welcome a new baby.  This is a time of creation, shifting and sometimes challenging moments.  Mindful Doula Arts reflects the uniqueness, beauty and power of each of the mothers, parents, families and babies that Beth has the privilege to support. Beth incorporates knowledge from various healing modalities with practical and family centered practices, seeking to nurture your expanding family in a empowering, loving and non-judgemental environment.  Through education, facilitated exploration, and hands-on support, Beth helps guide you through the many phases of the childbearing years as you confidently embrace the adventure of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum time.
What a reassuring presence Beth has. Her advice was solid, her manner comforting, and her personal attentions could not have been more considerate. I'm convinced that Beth was instrumental in assuring us a positive, successful natural birth for our first child. I'm happy to see that her practice is thriving, and highly recommend her services! Megan P.




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